Pristine Renovations LLC

                                        Tub & Tile Refinishing Services

Are You Tired of the worn, chipped, or outdated bathtub or shower? Are your kitchen countertops in extreme need of a makeover?

WE CAN SAVE YOU THOUSANDS OF $$and avoid the amount of time it takes remove and replace with costly new fixtures!!

AT Pristine Renovations LLC, we will transform your bathroom or kitchen by updating worn and outdated fixtures, giving them a fresh new look!

**Our technicians are certified and trained by Mike Ripp of Napco Ltd. Mike is a professional trainer with over 33 years of experience. **

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We Specilalize in:

-- Bathtub Refinishing and Repairs of antique cast iron, steel, porcelain, fiberglass tubs, whirlpools, etc.
-- Shower Refinishing
-- Wall Tile Refinishing of ceramic and pocelain. Any colors and also faux granite finishes!
-- Shower Bases
-- Custom made bathtub and shower inlays
-- Bath sinks -- Porcelain, steel, cast iron, cultured marble
-- Kitchen Countertops -- Formica, laminate, tile, cultured marble, etc. ***SEE COUNTERTOP PAGE***
-- Vanity Tops -- Formica, laminate, tile, cultured marble, etc. ***SEE COUNTERTOP PAGE***
-- Kitchen appliances

-- We also permanently repair broken or cracked fiberglass tub and shower bottoms. **WITH A LIFETIME WARRANTY**
-- Full refinish or spot repair available.
-- Conversions of existing bathtubs for Handicapped and the Elderly. Provides easy Step Through access to the tub area. With or without door. ***SEE SAFEWAY STEP PAGE***

 Bathroom Tub & Tile Refinishing ***

There are currently three options when you have a worn or outdated bathroom. You can remove and replace all the fixtures, cover them up with a liner, or refinish them. Refinishing is inexpensive, versatile, and low maintenance. The finished product will last for years and is easy to clean. 
                                          ***We provide a 5 year Written Satisfaction Guarantee***

Save Time... 4-6 hrs to complete vs replacement of fixture which would take several days.
Save Money... Replacement of fixtures are expensive. Save 80% - 90% upfront.
Save Aggravation... Use the bathtub or shower in 24 hrs! Dry in 2 - 4 hrs.

Refinishing will correct:
-- Chips, Rust, or scratches.-- Our refinishing process includes repairs to most problems.
-- Unattractive Colors-- We can go from ANY color to ANY color!
-- Tile Problems-- Refinishing of all tiled walls to new. No more grout problems!
-- Dull Color-- Finished tubs and shower have a brilliant, durable, and are easy to clean.
-- Dangerous Tubs-- We can install a slip resistant surface to the bottom of tub or shower. 
                                         ***We provide a 5yr Written Satisfaction Guarantee**
Save Time... 4-6 hrs to complete vs replacement of fixture which would take several days.
                                                 ***Tub & Shower Inlays***
Is your fiberglass or acrylic bathtub or shower bottom spongy, cracked, and/or leaking? This is a serious problem. Water that collects underneath your bathtub or shower can become moldy and cause all kinds of serious health problems. Structural damage to surrounding framing and subfloor will occur.

A permanent solution for cracked or broken bathtub and shower bottoms. Our custom made bathtub and shower inlays are permanently installed right over the existing damaged bottom. The repair is strong, permanent, and professional. Use within 24 hrs, has a slip resistant texture and looks great!  This a permanent fix...not a short term answer!
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