Pristine Renovations LLC

                                         **Countertop Refinishing**

Save time and money and transform you kitchen countertops and vanity tops with Flintstone II .

**For a fraction of what it would cost to replace**                      **Same Day Results**

Flintstone II is a premium quality one - step faux granite finish designed for interior architectural applications. This one - part, fast drying waterborne, multi - color coating system. It has exceptional durability and can withstand many years of daily use. Each Flintstone color consists of a multitude of individual color flecks which give the product an incredible richness and depth unmatched by other multi - coatings available on the market today.

Coatings are dry to the touch in 30 - 60 minutes and ready for topcoat. It may be used the following day.

May be used on:
++ Kitchen countertops
++ Bathroom vanities
++ Bathtubs
++ Tile walls
++ Backsplashes
++ Drywall
++ Plastic
++ Fiberglass
++ Formica
++ Laminate
++ Ceramic
++ Porcelain
++ Cultured marble
++ Concrete
++ Cinder block
++ Metal or Wood surfaces

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